About Us

Pierce County Community Physicians created the Pierce County Medical Society, their professional organization, in 1888. It was formed with noble goals and a clear vision to promote the health and well-being of the citizens of Pierce County and to support the educational and professional needs of its members.

Today, with a strong membership of 800, PCMS carries on the important work that physicians so many years ago set out to accomplish. 

The Medical Society's work is member driven. The Medical Society's role in the community is greater than ever. A few examples of this work includes:

  • Serving as the fiscal agent for three arms of the Community Transformation Partnership grant, awarded to the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department by the CDC
  • Pierce County Project Access: Creation of a program for physicians and other medical providers that assists them in providing efficient and effective no-cost medical care to uninsured, low-income citizens in Pierce County

  • Healthy Communities of Pierce County: Formation of an organization dedicated to better food choices and increased physical activity with a primary focus on Pierce County's youngest citizens

  • Convening the Residency Collabortive of Pierce County - a collaboration of all the new and existing residency program directors to create a community of programs that are the top choice for primary care residents who wish to have the highest quality training and education in a supportive community

PCMS Foundation:  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and exists to promote good health for the citizens of Pierce County. All money raised from the membership by the Foundation is awarded to Pierce County non-profit organizations, via a grant process. The requirement for application is that the money will be spent to directly help Pierce County citizens in need, whether it be for food, shelter, medical care, safety, etc...  About eight to ten grants are awarded each year.

Providing members with a variety of opportunities, such as the ability to keep in contact, stay informed and improve their profession, all with an eye to providing the best medical care available for their patients, is the role that PCMS aspires to as a professional organization.