Physician Wellness

Practicing physicians, residents and medical students alike can suffer from burnout. PCMS offers guidance and targeted solutions for preventing physician burnout below. 

Washington Physicians Health Plan 

WPHP provides early intervention, assessment, treatment referral and post-treatment monitoring for health professionals who may not be able to practice safely due to an impairing or potentially impairing health condition. In some cases, support and referral are all that is needed to put concerns to rest. In others, a more serious illness is identified that requires further diagnostic evaluation, treatment and monitoring to support sustained illness remission, safe practice, and WPHP advocacy efforts on behalf of the participant.

The Physicians Foundation 

Physician burnout has devastating effects on the access, quality and cost of our country’s health care. In The Physician’s Foundation’s 2020 Survey of America’s Physicians, 58% of physicians reported often having feelings of burnout—compared to 40% in 2018

The Physicians Foundation combats the main drivers of burnout and improves physician wellbeing by researching how best to redesign systems and practice environments.

The Happy MD 

The Happy MD focuses in the following areas to combat physician burnout.  

  • Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Life Balance, Mindfulness
  • Practice and Work Flow Efficiency
  • Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Training