Website Readying for Go Live

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Hello, members! As you are logging on to the website for the first time, please click the blue Help button in the right upper corner to watch the video when you can spare 15 minutes. I know it's a little long, but it's important you understand how things function. Since the film was made, we have added the ability to list a specialty on your profile, but not have it show on the Physician Search page. This is probably what most specialists will want to do. If you are a cardiologist, for example, you can show on you profile that you are board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, but set it so your name won't come up if patients are looking for an internist. Also there are a lot of functions on the site you may miss exploring on your own.

Make sure your email address is correct!!! For many of you, we used a dummy email address for sign on purposes because we didn't have yours on file. If you don't change it to your email address, we can't contact you by email, and you can't reset your password.

When filling in your information, please double check for typos and proper capitalization. We'll try and correct errors if we find them, but we want you to put your best foot forward.