Washington Workers’ Compensation Presumptive COVID-19 Coverage for Health Care and Frontline Workers

New laws apply to health care and frontline workers during public health emergencies involving infectious or contagious diseases, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Health care and frontline workers who test positive for COVID-19 are presumed to have been exposed at work, and are eligible to file workers’ compensation claims with the Department of Labor and Industries. Health care workers who do not contract the disease but are required (by a medical provider or public health official) to quarantine due to an exposure are also eligible for benefits. Qualified workers are eligible for medical, disability, and temporary wage replacement benefits.

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Learn more from Labor and Industries about frontline workers, filing a claim, benefits and other FAQs at Lni.wa.gov/PresumptiveCovidCoverage. Send questions to L&I directly at HELSA@Lni.wa.gov.