Telemedicine payment parity now permanent

Telemedicine payment parity now permanent in Washington

The Washington State Legislature has extended Gov. Jay Inslee's proclamation temporarily requiring telemedicine payment parity through Dec. 31. With provisions of Senate Bill 5385 requiring payment parity from state-regulated health plans taking effect on Jan. 1, telemedicine payment parity is now effectively permanent in Washington state. Other proclamations will continue to require extensions to remain effective.

Throughout the pandemic, the WSMA has advocated for sensible telehealth policies, including telemedicine payment parity, as a key component of physicians’ pandemic response. The WSMA is pleased to see this final extension—and payment parity—now in place for Washington’s physicians and patients. For more information and resources on utilizing telemedicine in your practice during the pandemic, visit the WSMA telehealth webpage.

Information provided by WSMA