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Physician Participation

Physicians participate in Project Access by accepting referrals for either primary or specialty care.  Primary Care Providers typically accept 2-3 patients per year.  Specialists generally agree to accept 6-12 patients per year for an episode of care.  Each physician specifies how many referrals she/he is willing to voluntarily accept each year.  PCPA tracks referrals sent to each physician on a calendar year basis.  The physician who has fulfilled his/her annual volunteer commitment will not be contacted again until the following year.

Physician Participation Benefits

  • Equitable distribution of patients amongst PCPA volunteer providers;
  • Value of services quantified: by submitting your completed HCFA 1500 Form to First Choice, we are able to track all of the services donated by participating physicians and other healthcare providers, therefore enabling PCPA to retain necessary funding and report to the community a near exact value of donated care;
  • Decreased burden of provision of donated care o the practice; 
  • Good Samaritan Law: providers who see Project Access patients, and who have signed agreements with PCPA, have additional malpractice protection under the Good Samaritan Act (RCW 4.24.300);
  • Standard models of care
  • Patient Assistance Programs: the Patient Care Coordinators at PCPA will assist patients in obtaining certain medications for free through PAP programs offered by pharmaceutical companies;
  • Recognition for providers
  • Project Access patients receive all medical treatment, including surgeries, through either a participating physician or clinic or any one of the seven hospitals in Pierce County.