PCMS Tacoma Trauma Trust Seats

Board Member David Swedler, DO and Executive Director Bruce Ehrle have been selected to leadership positions at the Tacoma Trauma Trust.  The Trust oversees the operations of the combined Level II Trauma Center at CHI Fransiscan St. Joseph Medical Center and MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital.  The trama center provides critical care emergency services to the entire South Sound region of the State of Washington.  Dr. Swedler brings experience as a trauma surgeon to his leadership role at the Trust and Bruce Ehrle brings health care policy and poltical as well as operational management experience to his leadership role.  PCMS is proud to have an ongoing relationship with the Tacoma Trauma Trust due to the amazing talents that are applied in dire circumstances to save lives at the center.  Executive Director Bruce Ehrle stated, "If you have ever witnessed a severely critical case arriving at a trauma center, including by helicopter, to be met by dedicated and experienced healers who can perform acts of life saving care using some of the most advanced technology available, then you have witnessed some of the best that 21st Century medicine has to offer.  In many of the cases as recently as decades ago there would have been no hope but now miracles become matters of daily occurance.  Dr. Swedler and I look forward to learning from and contributing to the ongoing endeavors of the Trust."