PCMS Supports E Cigarette Regulations

Pierce County Medical Society Executive Director Bruce Ehrle testified on behalf of the Society at the November 18 meeting of the Tacoma-Pierce County Board of Health in strong support of proposed regulations concerning e-cigarettes. 

The Board of Health permitted public comments about a Tacoma Pierce County Health Department initiative to ban the use of vaping in public places and in places of employment with the goal of bringing regulations for e-cigarettes in line with second hand smoke prevention measures governing tobacco products such as cigarettes.  PCMS went on record in favor of this measure as well as the other components of the proposed regulations including banning the sale of vaping products such as e-cigarettes to minors and requiring licensing of establishments selling such products to adults. 

PCMS is pleased that the Board of Health voted to adopt the regulations regarding e-cigarettes and views these measures as wise and reasonable steps to help protect the health of youth in our county as well as safeguard the public against the ill effects of second hand smoke.