PCMS Practice Success Forum—July 20—Jacques Colon of TPCHD

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Please hold Wednesday, July 20, 12:15-1:00pm for a PCMS Practice Success Forum webinar featuring Jacques Colon, Health Equity Coordinator for the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department. 

Working in the Office of the Director of Health (Dr. Anthony Chen), Jacques is responsible for education, awareness, and action on the many public health issues that impact the citizens of Pierce County across racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and other demographic boundaries.  He has been involved with detailed examinations of the current state of health outcomes for the residents of our community including mapping life expectancy on a neighborhood basis.  This in-depth analysis has discovered that life expectancy varies by as much as ten years just blocks from each other in areas of Pierce County with many corresponding inequities both in clinical conditions and with regard to the social determinants of health, drawing yet another concrete linkage between population health and socio-economic status. 

On July 20, Jacques will update members of the Pierce County Medical Society about the nature of the current demographic challenges that face Pierce County as efforts are made to boost overall population health to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital admissions, cut chronic conditions, and meet the new reimbursement/payment system that will focus on value and quality. 

He will also speak to how the tools that PCMS will have released by then to screen patients for shortcomings relating to social determinants of health and refer them to appropriate agencies or organizations can play an important role in getting the health inequity currently apparent all across Pierce County to one of greater equity in the coming years. 

This webinar will be an opportunity for local physicians and PAs to be educated about health equity in Pierce County and what they can do to be a force for positive change as caregivers in an era where it is acknowledged that the majority of what impacts patient outcomes happens outside the walls of clinical care--and how important it is for health care providers to be fully linked to that other piece of the pie even as they pursue making their own clinical piece of the pie the very best it can be where the right care is provided for every patient, every time. 

PCMS members will be able to access the webinar on the WebEx platform from wherever they happen to be that afternoon. 

Additional information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks about how to sign up for this Pierce County Medical Society members-only webinar event.  In the meantime, please hold July 20 at 12:15pm on your calendars for a very informative and engaging session with Jacques Colon. 

The webinar technology for PCMS Practice Success Forums on WebEx is made possible by a generous grant from Physicians Insurance.