PCMS Member Promotes Awareness of Antibiotic Use

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Dr. Sara Scranton of Pediatrics Northwest has teamed up with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department in videos to promote awareness and best practices relating to the use of antibiotics.  With overuse of antibiotics now acknowledged as leading to antibiotic resistance, the spread of information about proper use of antibiotics is crucial.  Dr. Scranton, who serves as Chair of the Pierce County Medical Society’s Public Health School Health Committee, is featured in a series of short videos available on the health department’s web site that are designed as resources not just for physicians but even more importantly, for the public including worried parents who, in an effort to try to take care of a sick child by pressuring a physician for an antibiotic, may actually play a part in that child patient developing a resistance to antibiotics.  The link below will take interested physicians and members of the public to the page on the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s website where the videos are posted.  The Pierce County school nurse members of the PCMS Public Health School Health Committee are also involved with spreading awareness of this important informational resource which can further educate parents and patients about the proper usage of antibiotics.