Nominating Committee Approves Slate of BOT Candidates

The Nominating Committee of the Pierce County Medical Society respectfully puts forth the following slate of candidates for positions due for election to the PCMS Board of Trustees:

One year terms of office--2018:
Aaron Pace, MD--President-Elect--Dermatology
Nicholas Rajacich, MD---Vice President--Orthopedic Surgery (MultiCare/Mary Bridge)
Jared Capouya, MD--Treasurer--Pediatrics (MultiCare/Mary Bridge)
Alex Mohit, MD--Secretary--Neurosurgery (CHI Franciscan)

Two year terms of office—2018/2019:
Ann Goetcheus Gehl, MD--Trustee--Primary Care/Family Medicine (Community Health Care)
Courtney Kennel, DO--Trustee--Primary Care/Family Medicine
Dina Titova, MD--Trustee--Rheumatology (CHI Franciscan)

Under the terms of the PCMS Bylaws, additional nominations may be submitted by petition.
The petition must:

  1. State the nominee and the office for which he or she is being nominated;
  2. Be accompanied by the nominee’s written statement of consent to serve if elected;
  3. Bear the signature of at least twenty (20) active or retired members of the Society; and
  4. Arrive at the Society office by November 5 (and since the Bylaws do not allow for an extension of the date if the 5th falls on a weekend, the effective date of receipt at the office must be by 4pm Friday, November 3, 2017)

Members should expect to receive ballots during the first half of November with a due date back to the Society of November 30.