Nominating Committee Approves Slate of BOT Candidates

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The Nominating Committee of the Pierce County Medical Society respectfully puts forth the following slate of candidates for positions due for election to the PCMS Board of Trustees:


One year terms of office--2016:

Steven Litsky, MD--President-Elect--Physical Med/Rehab (CHI Franciscan)

Khash Dehghan, MD--Vice President--Plastic Surgery

Aaron Pace, MD--Treasurer--Dermatology

Susan McDonald, MD--Secretary--Family Practice/Ob (Sound Family Medicine)


Two year terms of office—2016/2017:

Courtney Kennel, DO—Trustee—Family Practice

Pringl Miller, MD--Trustee--General surgery (CHI Franciscan)

Nicholas Rajacich, MD--Trustee--Orthopedic and Ped Orthopedic Surgery (MultiCare)


Under the terms of the PCMS Bylaws, additional nominations may be submitted by petition.

The petition must:

  1. State the nominee and the office for which he or she is being nominated;

  2. Be accompanied by the nominee’s written statement of consent to serve if elected;

  3. Bear the signature of at least twenty (20) active or retired members of the Society; and

  4. Arrive at the Society office by November 5.


Members should expect to receive ballots during the first half of November with a due date back to the Society of November 30.