Mark Grubb, MD Begins Tenure as Chair of Public Health School Health Committee

PCMS Member Mark Grubb, MD of Woodcreek Healthcare began his tenure today as the new Chair of the PCMS Public Health School Health Committee, taking over those duties from Dr. Sara Scranton of Pediatrics Northwest.  Dr. Larry Larson, also of Pediatrics Northwest, had been Chair for many years prior to Dr. Scranton.

As part of PCMS community engagement activities, the committee brings together school nurses from throughout Pierce County, the medical society's Executive Director, and representatives of the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department four times during the school year to confer about public health issues impacting students of all ages in our community.  A practicing pediatrician chairs the committee to help coordinate its activities such as a planned roundtable in late January of school nurses and pediatricians to discuss how they may help each other in the performance of their duties.  

Dr. Grubb has a long history of dedication to the Society having served on the PCMS Board of Trustees for many years including service as PCMS President.  He currently serves as a Trustee on the PCMS Foundation Board of Directors.  Dr. Grubb has been involved with public health issues for a large part of his career which makes his stewardship of the PCMS Public Health School Health Committee the latest chapter of that active engagement to improve the health of our fellow citizens.  

The Pierce County Medical Society sincerely thanks Dr. Grubb for his kind willingness to give of his time in this latest leadership role within the organization.