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Membership in PCMS makes you part of a dynamic network of over 800 of your professional colleagues who represent organized medicine at its best.  At a time when some of the biggest transformations to ever impact the medical profession are taking place (and with those transformations now occurring at the local caregiver level to implement federal and state policy), there has never been a more important time for physicians and PAs to be well organized in their community. 


Benefits of membership in PCMS include:

--Peer-to-peer networking and informal learning opportunities to share experiences with local physicians just like you in Pierce County.

--Being part of an organization that serves as your ally in meeting the challenges facing physicians (both independent practitioners and those employed by large health systems) in the changing climate relating to areas such as payment/reimbursement, adoption and meaningful use of Health Information Technology, medical practice economics, the shift away from provider silos to the full spectrum of local population health, demonstrating value, and improving outcomes. 

--Free participation in educational webinars and conference calls to hear from and interact with health policy leaders as well as to promote innovation spread in topics such as quality improvement.

--Advocacy and engagement with elected officials to share front-line expertise of local physicians as policies are developed and implemented. 

--Participation in an organization actively seeking improvement in population health, reduction of health disparities, increased health literacy for all patient populations, reduction of ER utilization, establishment by patients of primary care relationships, expanded behavioral health and primary care resources, high levels of physician wellness, the best outcomes for patients and providers, and a continued robust physician profession.

--Collaboration across the entire provider community in Pierce County. 

--Representation at community meetings.

--Free access to Pierce County Medical Society Newswire featuring media pieces of interest to physicians.

--On-line profile that enables your colleagues and the public to learn more about you.

--Collegial events to share fun with your fellow professionals who are also your neighbors.  These include free themed socials with a clincal or health policy topic, the annual banquet, summer picnic, wine tasting class, and special activities. 

--Quarterly Bulletin containing news, columns, and features focused on PCMS, its members, and local healthcare delivery.

--Listing in annual Membership Directory.



Feel free to contact any member of our Board of Trustees or our Executive Director with questions or comments regarding any of our organizations or their activities.  We look forward to your participation and involvement in our Society.